Best Specimen

Gary Rumsey

Most Different Specimens

Jim Whippy

2nd Best Specimen

Phil Taylor

3rd Best Specimen

Danny Clahane


Beach Specimen Hunt

Winner – Arthur Freeman
Cod – Ralph Crosby
Eel – John Trotman
Mackerel/Scad – Colin Crosby
Plaice/Flounder – Colin Crosby
Pout – Jerry Robinson, Ralph Crosby
Whiting – Kevser Ayhan
Sole – Arthur Freeman
Other Species – Mel Adrian

Bass Species Hunt

1st – Alan Young – 37cm
2nd – Glyn Morgan
3rd – Keith Erridge


Beach Species Hunt - 4th September to 8th September 2017

Winner – Mark Hinxman
Bass – Colin Crosby
Eel – Mark Hinxman
Plaice/Flounder – Mark Hinxman
Sole – Steve Hanks
Pout – Arthur Freeman
Whiting – Alan Young
Other Species  – Jerry Robinson

Bass Competition - 2017

1st Glyn Morgan – 80cm & 58cm
2nd Kevin Morgan – 66cm & 58cm
3rd Mark Rogers – 30cm

Boat Species Hunt (Flat Fish) Sunday 24th Sept 2017

Heaviest Aggregate Flatfish
Arthur Freeman
4lbs 13 1/2ozs

Best Specimen
Mel Adrain
Plaice 1lb 11ozs

Best Junior
Luke Alcock
4lbs 5ozs


Junior Pegged Beach Match - 4th September 2016

Sponsored by: Pauls Tackle

1st Josie Chambers – 201 points
2nd Joshua Cato – 197 points
3rd Callum Jones – 142 points
4th Luis Horsman – 118 points
5th Lloyd Emerson Parris – 47 points

Beach Species Hunt - 5th-9th September 2016

 sussex_angling_tvSponsored by: Sussex Angling TV

Winner – C Crosby
Bass – C Crosby
Eel – R Crosby
Dab – K Saint
Flounder – R Crosby
Sole – C Crosby
Pout – A Freeman
Whiting -R Crosby
Other Species (Pollack) -R Crosby

Boat Species Hunt - 11th September 2016

Winner Most Different Species
Arthur Freeman
4 Species (Dab, Tub Gurnard, Plaice & Whiting)
Bexhill Sea Angling Club

Best Specimen
Jim Whippy
Black Bream 1lb 3ozs

Winner – Mark Hinxman
Bass – Colin Crosby
Eel – Mark Hinxman
Plaice/Flounder – Mark Hinxman
Sole – Steve Hanks
Pout – Arthur Freeman
Whiting – Alan Young
Other Species  – Jerry Robinson

Winner – Mark Hinxman
Bass – Colin Crosby
Eel – Mark Hinxman
Plaice/Flounder – Mark Hinxman
Sole – Steve Hanks
Pout – Arthur Freeman
Whiting – Alan Young
Other Species  – Jerry Robinson

Kayak Competition

Sponsored by: Saltwater Boat Angling Magazine

1st John Buswell – 6 Species
2nd Mark Hobb – 5 Species
3rd David Chapman – 5 Species

Bass Competition - 25th September 2016

Sponsored by Bexhill Sea Angling Club

1st Mark Roggers – 65cm
2nd Tony McAfee Williams – 45cm
3rd Kerry Saint – 44cm
4th Athur Freeman – 25cm
5th Phil Chambers – 24cm
6th Jeff Rooney – 19cm

Pegged Beach Open - 2nd October 2016

1st Paul Parsons – 388 points
2nd Colin Crosby – 202 points
3rd Keith Eridge – 236 points
4th Adrian Darker – 122 points
5th Steve Hanks – 110 points
6th Steve May – 98 points
Best Flatfish – Adrian Darker
Best Roundfish – Paul Parsons
Junior – Calum Jones


Junior Pegged Beach Match - 5th September 2015

Sponsored by: Pauls Tackle

1st Callum Jones – 325 points
2nd Harvey Plumstead – 212 points
3rd Joshua Cato – 184 points

Beach Species Hunt - 7th-11th September 2015

sussex_angling_tvSponsored by: Sussex Angling TV

Winner – C.Crosby
Bass – C.Crosby
Garfish None
Eel – C.Crosby
Cod – M.Hinxman
Mackerel/Scad – B.Walker
Smooth-hound/Dogfish – None
Dab – B.Walker
Plaice/Flounder – J.Trotman
Sole – M.Hinxman
Pout – B.Walker
Whiting – A.Young
Other Species (Pollack) – J.Robinson

Bass Competition - 12th September 2015

Sponsored by Bexhill Sea Angling Club

1st Eric Green – 3lbs 2ozs
2nd Steve Okines – 2lbs 9ozs
3rd Alan Young – 2lbs

Pegged Beach Open - 14th September 2015

1st Paul Parsons – 390 points
2nd Chris Snow – 357 points
3rd Arthur Freeman – 350 points (21 fish)
4th Keith Sturmer – 350 points (20 fish)
5th Lee Driver – 328 points
5th Ralph Crosby – 280 points
Best Flatfish Martin Payne – Plaice
Best Roundfish Ian Hopper – Whiting
Junior Tony McAfee Williams – 200 points
Lady Loraine Perry – 196 points

Below you can find all the results from the 2014 angling competitions

Kayak Competition

anglers denSponsored by: Anglers Den Sussex

1st Mark Radcliffe – 8 Species
2nd Mark Collinson – 6 Species
3rd Mark Hobbs – 5 Species
4th John Buswell – 5 Species
5th Arthur Freeman – 4 Species
6th John Fannon – 3 Species

Junior Pegged Beach Match

anglers denSponsored by: Anglers Den Sussex

1st Martin Payne – 23 points
2nd Dan Tillett – 23 points
3rd Callum Edward / Pope Jones – Draw

Species Hunt

sussex_angling_tvSponsored by: Sussex Angling TV

1st John Trotman 3 Species (Codling, Eel, Mackerel)
2nd Alan Young 2 species (Bass and Sole)
3rd Jerry Robinson 1 species (Flounder)

Pegged Beach Open

Sponsored by the Hook Line and Sinker

1st Mick Webb – 107 points (also Zone B winner)
2nd Dave Boyling – 58 points (also Zone A winner)
3rd Ralph Crosby – 56 points
4th Callum Jones – 53 points
5th Ben Arnold – 52 points
6th Ian Hopper – 52 points

Best Junior – Callum Jones
Best Lady – 1st Loraine Perry, 2nd Ann Ruzylo

Bass Competition

Sponsored by Bexhill Sea Angling Club

1st Tony Bush 3lb 11oz
2nd Tony MacAfee Williams 1lb 4oz
3rd Alan Young 1lb 3oz

Competition reports

The 2014 Bexhill Angling Festival competitions kicked off with the Kayak competition and for the first time they intrepid Kayakers were treated to some beautiful summer weather. The fishing was much better than in previous years and experience Kayak competitor Mark Radcliffe (pictured receiving his prize) won the comp with 8 species.

Junior Open
The Junior pegged beach match was fished in bright sunshine and calm seas which made for better bathing weather than angling. The winners, Martin Payne and Dan Tillet both had small Smoothound and shared first prize.

Species Hunt
Again calm sunny weather hampered the fishing although the winner John Trotman managed to land what is believed to be a club record Silver Eel.

Pegged Beach Match
Over 50 Anglers took part in the Pegged Open and the serious match anglers did reasonably well considering the conditions. Hastings Based Mick Webb came out on top notching up 107 points, nearly double his nearest rival.

Bass Competition
A very difficult competition this year – partly because of the calm, bright conditions. In the end one 3lb fish won the competition for Tony Bush