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The Mermaids Are Coming!

The Guinness World Record Attempt of:

Largest Gathering of Mermaids

1st September 2018 at the Bexhill Festival of the Sea

Mermaids and Mermen of all ages are welcome

Saturday schedule of events: Sea Festival opening times 10am – 6pm

2:00pm – Mermaids begin to gather on the Colonnade at the Bexhill Rowing Club

2:45pm – All mermaids take their place on the beach within the cordoned area.  You must be “clicked” in at the entrance and all others not participating must leave the area via the designated area and be “clicked” out.

3:30pm – Signal will sound to mark the start of five-minute qualifying period. Both aerial and still photographs will be taken for qualification.

3:35pm – Signal will sound to mark the end of five-minute qualifying period.

4:00pm – Finish – Live music and Festival continues till 6:00pm.

6:00pm-7:00pm – “Mermaids Only Swim” at the Bexhill Leisure Pool at Ravenside Retail Park, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex   TN40 2JS

Rules for “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Mermaids” 

  • Only participants in full mermaid dress will be counted for the record.
  • A full costume consists of a fish tail skirt of at least ankle length and costume top. T-shirts and the like are not acceptable. Male participants may be shirtless but must wear the fishtail skirt.
  • All participants must be in position simultaneously and remain so for a minimum of five minutes.
  • A loud start and finish signal recognised by all participants must be used.
  • All participants must wear the costume for the entirety of the attempt.
  • All costumes must be complete and clearly recognisable as the character or costume designated for the record set out in the specific guidelines.   At the discretion of the independent witnesses and Guinness World Records any costume deemed unsuitable will be disqualified from the final total.